The fatter, the better.

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March, 2013- 183lbs
June, 2013- 226lbs
August, 2013- 245lbs
Who thinks I should keep going?

Talk about fast growth!! Keep going, girl.

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largeandlovely asked
get my photo off your disgusting blog you awful creep post/79695965186/largeandlovely-ok-ok-ok-i-have-to-force-myself

Ok, its deleted, sorry. Anyway hope you get fatter



Something tells me she didn’t mind gating so fat.

This is why I love curvage. She’s incredible.


Hello, Tumblr! I thought I should make an introductory photo set. This is me. You can expect a lot more photos of myself on this blog, so please follow if you’re interested!

Like ? of course! Great curves!

Like ?

of course! Great curves!